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Hi, I am Joel. I develop software and think about math. My experience is quite diverse, I have tried machine learning, web development, mobile development, desktop app development and much of AWS cloud. But of course, “tried” can also mean “I tried it for a day”. Here, “try” means that I have at least done a project with it.

I am currently studying but I have a bunch of projects I do on the side. This website showcases my favourite projects and some thoughts I have on math and software. Though, the main reason why I have this website is just so that I can make use of the amazing domain name.


Bento Box

Oct 2020

Bento Box is a simulation engine for reinforcement learning applications. It aims to speed up simulations written in Python by delegating execution to a C++ engine. This was my capstone project done with two others in my last year at Ngee Ann Polytechnic. I was responsible for the C++ engine.


Jan 2019

distro is a prototype which demonstrates distributed computing using JavaScript. It implements the BOINC, so it can be used in any BOINC project as well.

Focas Web

4-5 Mar 2017

Focas was a hackathon project that helps you focus on what you need to do. You just need to visit the webpage, sign in, and do your work. If you leave the webpage or tab out, it will post a facebook status that you are slacking off. This idea was inspired by (and made with) James Lim's (jameslim.com) Focas app idea.

Google Form Filler

Feb 2019

In my secondary school days, there was a week where we would evaluate our teachers with a fixed questionnaire over the span of 2 weeks. Once we were done, we could do our own work until everyone was done. So, since the questions were the same, I wrote a program to fill the Google Forms for me once the forms were opened.

Youtube Rewind Dislikes Graph

Jan 2019

In Jan 2019, I had to make something for my school's open house. At that time, YouTube rewind was getting a lot of hate and a lot of people were disliking the video. So, I made a graph of the dislikes using Python turtle (I had to show how turtle was fun).


28 Jan 2018

moji moji was a hackathon project made to get the "Most Awesomely Useless Hack" award. The web app helps you send and receive emojis.

Terraform ospath

Oct 2019

Using terraform was great for writing more granular IaC for AWS. Oddly enough, there wasn't a path joining tool provided in the DSL. So I wrote one.

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